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i made the worlds best sandwich today. oh god i could eat that over and over again... i want it again. i love the food at work, i went shopping after my shift today and got 2 different kinds of semi dried tomatoes, home made hommus, tzaziki, spicy capsicum dip, 2 different gourmet cheeses, 2 types of marinated tofu, avocados, and pineapple for mum. then i went next door to brumbys and got nice bread... came home and yeah... sanga with hommus, semi dried tomatoes, avocado and this rad cheese with herbs in it... HOLY SHIT MANGS

now mums baking a cake or something. i can see my weight increasing badly.

i really wanna get these cds: Chingy- Jackpot, Green Day- American Idiot, SayAnything- is a real boy, Saosin (whatever its called), Straylight Run (ABOUT FUCKING TIME GUYS!) and of course the new Blood Brothers. this week i might get a couple. and my MXPX ticket. and pay people back.

M- 95%
A- 5%
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