Number nine with my head on the bar (mikstar) wrote,
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i am forced to listen to your radio station at work, and while i am quite a fan of alot of popular music, i have a few points of complaint.

please, can you widen your playlist at least by another 20 songs. in the past 3 weeks of being at my current place of employment i have heard a very select number of tunes played on your station despite time of day. i am sick to death of hearing grinspoon and killing heidi. two days ago you played the new killing heidi song 4 times within as many hours, as well as their song from the spiderman soundtrack twice. overkill much?

there are many songs that i used to like- such as American idiot by Green Day, or Pieces of Me by Ashlee Simpson.
However due to your lack of creativity in constructing your playlists, i now would rather stab myself in the eye with a fork contaminated with aids than hear these songs again.

Also, if you are going to play local music, at least play GOOD local bands. today while on the can at work you played an Adelaide band called Foreshore. were you warned before playing this song that they have an extremely high SUCK value? "rocking local talent?" i would not even wipe my ass with their so called great EP.

Please take what i have into consideration, or i will have to come and personally bomb your headquarters

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