Number nine with my head on the bar (mikstar) wrote,
Number nine with my head on the bar

last night some chick had done a projectile shit all over the toilet lid at the exchange and not cleaned it up.

the Spazzys were at the cranker. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *breath*... AAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Suit boy didnt look as hot this week, or maybe i was wearing thicker goggles last week.

the people who own Vego's buy all their food from my work. haha. i find this exciting, which really proves how lame i can be.

SCRIBE ON THURSDAY!!!!! im gonna go all ghetto looking and get an ass implant so i have a ghetto booty to shake to da rhythm yoooo

last night i had a dream that i got breast implants, and they fucked them up and one was bigger than the other. and as they healed, the bigger one just kept increasing in size, and then ended up exploding everywhere
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