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Will SOMEONE please inform the world that Simple Plan are SHIT. Whenever one of their songs comes on the radio at work or on MTV i am ever so tempted to stick a fork into a toaster and hold onto it until i become a fried mess on the floor. to make things worse, Simple Plan have a new release coming out this month meaning there's going to be a severe 'Im-in-a-god-awful-pop-band" overload. someone please grab a pistol and kill me now to save myself.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams is the next single to drop from American Idiot by Green Day. Its probably my favourite track from the release so i hope it doesnt get incredibly thrashed, although i know it will.

Still recovering from illnress and while doing so, i have discovered that Lindsay Lohen is daaaaamn fine, Jessica Alba doesnt look good with curly hair, Missy Elliott is the best thing about Honey and MTV has way too many ads for mobile phone ringtones.

Thirteen is a CRAZY movie. its not a movie that you can say you liked or enjoyed, but holy shit it was incredible and blew me away, and made me feel kinda sick.

Sophie Monk has a manged up face

If Taking Back Sunday ever tour here, despite my current extreme hatred for them i would still go to the show, mainly so i can kick Adam Lazarra in the face.

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